The Western Cape government’s free Wi-Fi pilot project was announced in March this year (image:

10 African cities with free Wi-Fi

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If Internet use proliferates in Africa at the rate mobile phones did in the early 2000s, the continent stands to add as much as $300 billion to its economic growth by 2025, a new study by the McKinsey Global Institute has found. While most internet connections occur at home or at the workplace, a number ...

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Online food ordering service announced a partnership with Samsung (image: Samsung)

Top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung recently made their Galaxy S5 smartphone, the Korean company’s latest flagship model, available to the world. The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in 125 countries, making this the largest-rollout the Korean company has ever attempted. It will launch in...

Yezz's Andy A5QP (image: Charlie Fripp)

MWC: 10 hot devices you should know about

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While the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is dominated by big name players such as Samsung, Nokia and LG, there are a number of devices that few have heard about – but really should. Some of these device manufacturers have made a real impact, while...

A screenshot of the Valentine’s Greetings app (image: Microsoft)

Top 10 Valentine’s Day apps

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With the world getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday, IT News Africa is taking a look at 10 apps available in the Windows Store. Whether it is an app for romantic quotes or booking a quick getaway, these apps will make Valentine’s day...

Egypt is the king of Facebook in Africa (image: Paradise of the World)

Top 10 African countries on Facebook

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Mega-social network Facebook celebrates their 10th birthday this week, and what started as a college social networking website in 2004, has mushroomed into the world’s largest online destination to connect with friends, family and acquaintances. “When I...

What is top of mind for potential investors in technology companies across Africa. (Image source: docstockmedia/

Consider this before investing in a start-up

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  Much has been written about the growth of Africa’s technology-focused startup business ecosystem. In strong emerging markets like Kenya, stakeholders – including venture capitalists, angel investors and multinationals, are continuing with...

Telkom’s CFO, Mr Jacques Schindehütte (Image source: Windi-

Africa’s 5 Most Troubled Tech Executives

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Being in charge of a large corporation can be tricky at times, but with the right executive in the right position, most companies can be assured of profits. But while some organisations flourish without incident, others are forced to deal with unethical and...

June Arunga is the founder and CEO of New York-based multimedia production company Open Quest Media LLC. (Image source: Google/

5 African techpreneurs going global

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Given the increase in number of technology users, the rapid growth of mobility & the Internet, and increasing interest in Africa as a source of solutions, innovation and technical talent, the case for the continent being able to leapfrog in some ICT...

Hugo Obi, founder of Lagos-based start-up, Maliyo Games (image: file)

10 exciting African gaming start-ups to watch

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There is no doubt that the worldwide gaming industry is huge – so large in fact, that it generates more revenue than Hollywood. While development studios in the rest of the world have been producing mobile, PC and console games for many decades, Africa...

FiLIP, the wearable for kids so that parents can keep track of them (image: FiLIP)

7 wearables to get excited about

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Wearables, a term that came into prominence over the last two years, is all the rage at the moment. These little electronic devices are worn by technology buffs and enthusiasts alike, and at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, a good number of new...