BYOD increase the security risks of businesses.


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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a recent increasing trend towards employee-owned devices within a business. However, this recent trend of IT consumerization, regardless of its advantages, increasingly poses a security risk to organizations when these personal devices are connected to organizations’ corporate network or when they access corporate data....

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Fortinet Security

Poor Digital Hygiene Puts Your Device at Risk

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Increasing levels of information stored on smartphones, tablets and computers put at risk modern digital devices because of users’ poor digital hygiene. New global research by Kaspersky Lab reveals that user attitudes towards app care and maintenance on...

Robotic Automation (Source: Industry week)

Before and after Robotic Process Automation

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We love “before and after” pictures. A house that’s fallen into disrepair can be renovated into a design showpiece. An abandoned, malnourished puppy can be nursed back to health. A closet or garage can be organised from a complete mess into a system...

Toshiba aims to grow its presence in South Africa using Mustek as B2B distribution partner.

Toshiba announces renewed focus for the South African business PC market

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Toshiba announced its renewed strategy for South Africa, cementing its focus for the business computing market through the development of business to business PC devices and solutions in the country. Toshiba will concentrate its efforts on the government,...

IBM Watson Health and IDx, LLC alliance to advance eye health through cognitive computing applications.

IDx and IBM Watson Health forge alliance for Eye Health

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IBM Watson Health and IDx, LLC announced a five-year strategic alliance to advance eye health through cognitive computing applications. The alliance aims to help primary care providers, hospitals, health systems, and integrated delivery networks deliver...

We have stopped thinking about AI as a domain for rocket scientists only.

What’s Next For Artificial Intelligence?

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Last year was a hugely significant year for artificial intelligence. It was a year of spectacular achievement. For the first time a system was created with the ability to defeat a human at the impossibly strategic game of Go (a feat that has been 20 years in...

Hire a professional driver within 24 hours.

Hire Professional Drivers Through Nigerian Transport-Tech Company

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Drivers are an integral part of  the daily activities of people and businesses whether its in relation to the movement of persons or the movement goods from one place to another. With the demand for drivers being so high there is undoubtedly many drivers out...

40% of the worlds population remain unconnected. (Source: Vanu)

Moving Towards A Connected World

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Developed economies have for some time now rearranged their economies on the basis of the concept of the knowledge economy. As indicated in a Human Sciences Research Council report in South Africa, “Knowledge-based economies have the potential to stimulate...

Paul Williams, Country Manager SADC at Fortinet.

Securing your growing home network

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The number of connected devices in South African homes are expected to increase exponentially. Smart TVs, connected appliances, online fitness devices, entertainment and gaming systems, smart cars, connected water and power meters, climate control systems and...

Thabo Ndlela, non-executive Director, IFS South Africa

Enterprise Operational Intelligence enables accelerated decision-making

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Most organisations are coming under growing pressure to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, deliver more value to customers and other stakeholders, and respond quickly to a fast-changing business environment. The key to meeting these business goals lies in...

Africa's 7 Highest Internet Using Countries.

Nigeria leads Africa’s 7 Highest Internet Using Countries

March 20, 2017 • Features, General, Lists, Top Stories, West AfricaComments (2)

Access to the Internet is fast becoming a human right in the eyes of millions of people from around the world. This is because the Internet has evolved to a point where people see internet access as vital for them to exercise and enjoy their rights to the...

Gareth Hawkey, redPanda Software CEO.

Why practical skills training should be a strategic imperative for SA’s IT leaders

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In a business environment that is now largely driven by innovative IT and software, there is massive demand for skilled and highly trained IT professionals. Sadly, as has been well documented, there is an increasingly dire shortage of these individuals in the...

Whenever you consider a business-wide system change, you should keep in mind how it will affect your staff. (image:Pexels)

Opinion: Execution key to digital success

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Many companies have enjoyed significant efficiencies from partial digitisation in recent years, but there’s still a lot of paper flying about many everyday offices. Most agree that achieving truly paperless processes would greatly impact business and...

USSD and its role in enabling banks and merchants to reach mobile consumers when they have limited data access.

Connecting Web-Based Services To People Without The Internet

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3.9 billion people globally do not have access to the internet, according to recent research from the United Nations telecommunications agency, International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The report reveals that 75% of Africans are offline; a startling...

New research from Innotribe examines the inner workings of innovation within financial institutions, revealing the essentials for high performing innovation teams. (Image source:

Secrets to success for innovation in financial services revealed

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Innotribe has released a new report examining the way innovation teams from the financial services sector are harnessing innovation within their organisations. Based on interviews with 11 innovation leaders, the Innotribe report, “Dynamism in Diversity: The...

Simon Russell, Managing Director of Experian South Africa.

The next generation of consumer classification

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According to global information services company, Experian South Africa mastering a dynamic brand and customer connection is critical in the digitalised environment. Experian launched its new consumer segmentation system, ‘Mosaic’, which classifies the...