Africa’s Top Ten Countries Ranked by Internet Speed in 2021

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Internet and connectivity speed tester Ookla last month released its global market analysis, ranking all countries in terms of fastest mobile and fixed broadband internet speeds.

Countries are ranked based on their Speed Score, which incorporates a measure of each country’s total download and upload speed to rank network performance (90% of the final Speed Score is attributed to download speed and the remaining 10% to upload speed because online experiences are typically more affected by download speed).

Ookla places the most emphasis on the median speeds as those represent what most mobile internet customers will experience on a day-to-day basis.

Here at the top 10 African countries ranked by fixed broadband internet speeds:

10. Burkina Faso – Global Rank: 121

  • Avg. Download Speed: 25.45 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 9.78 Mbps
  • Latency: 78 ms

Burkina Faso’s top ISPs include Orange Burkina Faso, Onatel Burkina Faso and Virtual Technologies & Solutions.

9. Western Sahara – Global Rank: 115

  • Avg. Download Speed: 27.00 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 16.63 Mbps
  • Latency: 47 ms

Western Sahara is currently a disputed territory in the far northwest of Africa. About 20% of its territory is claimed by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, while the remaining 80% is administered by Morocco.

The region relies mostly on Moroccan ISPs for internet access.

8. Morocco – Global Rank: 113

  • Avg. Download Speed: 27.52 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 15.04 Mbps
  • Latency: 35 ms

Morocco’s top ISPs are Itissalat, MediTelecom and Maroc Telecom.

7. Seychelles – Global Rank: 109

  • Avg. Download Speed: 29.52 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 28.35 Mbps
  • Latency: 19 ms

Seychelles’ top ISPs include Amarutu Technology Ltd, Asintelvision, and Cable and Wireless Limited.

6. Côte d’Iviore – Global Rank: 104

  • Avg. Download Speed: 32.47 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 8.77 Mbps
  • Latency: 43 ms

Also known as the Ivory Coast, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire’s main ISPs include MTN Cote d’Ivoire, Orange Cote d’Ivoire and GVA.

5. Senegal – Global Rank: 103

  • Avg. Download Speed: 34.65 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 10.32 Mbps
  • Latency: 43 ms

The Republic of Senegal’s top ISPs include Arc and Orange Senegal.

4. Egypt – Global Rank: 92

  • Avg. Download Speed: 41.45 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 7.90 Mbps
  • Latency: 29 ms

Egypt’s top ISPs include Telecom Egypt, Etisalat and Mobinil.

3. Madagascar – Global Rank: 88

  • Avg. Download Speed: 44.65 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 48.52 Mbps
  • Latency: 21 ms

The Republic of Madagascar’s top ISPs include Blueline, DTS, Netclub and Orange Madagascar.

2. South Africa – Global Rank: 82

  • Avg. Download Speed: 50.45 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 37.35 Mbps
  • Latency: 21 ms

The Republic of South Africa’s top ISPs include MTN, Telkom, Vodacom and Cell C.

1. Ghana – Global Rank: 78

  • Avg. Download Speed: 52.52 Mbps
  • Avg. Upload Speed: 35.64 Mbps
  • Latency: 35 ms

The Republic of Ghana’s top ISPs include Vodafone Ghana, Airtel Ghana and SCANCOM Ghana.

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