Vodafone Zambia’s CEO retires

Vodafone Zambia's CEO retires
Vodafone Zambia’s CEO retires

According to a statement issued by Vodafone Zambia on June 6, the company CEO, Lars Hendrik Stork, has retired.

Chairperson, Gilbert Temba, said in a statement that the new CEO would be announced alongside the new Vodafone Zamia ownership and other important structural changes in the near future.

There were no reasons given for Stork’s departure but the company did thank him for his service and wished him the best in his future endeavours.

Vodafone Zambia is one of Zambia’s fastest growing ISPs and was recently granted authority by the Regulator ZICTA to start providing VoLTE services in the country.

The company announced during the first quarter of the year that two appointments were made, that of Amon Jere as its new Chief Sales and Distribution Officer in February and Jussab Kara as its new Chief Technical and Information Technology Officer in April, both as part of a strategy to expand its distribution network and secure more market share within the 4G services space specifically.


By Daniëlle Kruger

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