MyKi Touch Review – Keep your child safe

November 23, 2017 • Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories

MyKi Touch Review

MyKi Touch Review.

Wearable devices are all the rage these days; however, many wearable devices only focus on heart rate monitoring, fitness, and sleep tracking. While these devices do come in handy, they do not track the individual wearing them. This is where the MyKi Touch comes in handy.

Specifically designed for children, the MyKi Touch is essentially a touchscreen GSM/GPS tracking device. Once switched on and paired with the MyKi Watch application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple Store, both the app and watch work in tandem in order to provide parents and guardians with the location of the child wearing the watch. This information is updated every 60 seconds via 24 satellites for maximum precision while localising your child.

While the watch can be used to track your child, it can also be used to create secure zones for your child. For example, a secure zone can be placed around your child’s school… if your child is meant to be at school from 7:30 am to 14:00 pm and they leave, the MyKi Touch will immediately alert the parent or guardian. To add to this feature, the MyKi Touch will also alert the parent or guardian if your child is travelling faster than 50KM per hour. Parents can then use the app to call the watch in order to listen in on what is happening with their child.

To add to the security features, the MyKi Touch also comes with an SOS button. The SOS button can be linked to two numbers, when the watch is equipped with a SIM card, and once pushed will begin to dial both numbers until the call is answered. The MyKi Touch can also make calls to numerous numbers that are pre-set by the parent or guardian through the mobile application. It can also send voice messages and receive text messages via the application chat. Parents can connect with their child at any time as long as they have a smartphone or a computer.

As revealed by the manufacturer, the MyKi Touch has a colour touchscreen display with a 240×240 pixel resolution, a picture menu for navigation and intelligent vibration. Parents can pre-set the locations and times in which the watch works in vibration mode. So the child can safely wear it when in classes. The MyKi Touch also has a silicone strap that features antibacterial properties.

The MyKi Touch is easily charged too. The 480 mAh battery is charged using a standard micro USB cable. You can charge the watch either using a computer or a standard phone charger and a plug.

MyKi Touch Review

The MyKi Touch is the perfect device to keep track of your child. Not only does it keep parents up-to-date on their child’s location, it is also a stylish and comfortable to wear. As the device is a touchscreen device it also comes with a multitude of features, which include the ability to make calls, send voice messages, as well as track steps. To add to the security features, the device will also warn a parent or guardian if the watch is removed.

Overall, if you are looking to protect your child, and keep an eye on their whereabouts, the MyKi Touch is the perfect device to choose.

The MyKi Touch is currently available in South Africa through Vodacom on contract. Additionally, the MyKi Touch can be bought on prepaid for R2 699.

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