What’s the deal with the newest expansion pack ARK: Aberration?

October 24, 2017 • Gadgets and Gaming, Sponsored, Top Stories

What's the deal with the newest expansion pack ARK: Aberration?

What’s the deal with the newest expansion pack ARK: Aberration?

ARK: Survival Evolved’s newest and unreleased expansion puts players in a damaged, malfunctioning ARK. With its internal atmosphere gone, most of its life forms fled to the underground, away from the now intensely radioactive sun. In the dark depths of the ARK, the creatures either adapted or mutated through the intense radiation. It features new creatures to defeat or tame, a whole new environment to explore and discover, and a handful of new items that you can craft. Here’s what we know from the developer’s announcements.

New Creatures
The broken ARK’s intensely radioactive environment and mostly underground setting gave birth to unusual and incredible creatures. From ones who can camouflage themselves, to those who can generate light, players can expect awesome and unique creatures to encounter in this expansion. Some of them can be tamed, of course, but most are hostile. The trailer for the expansion shows a “Lantern Pug” that generates light, a “Rock Drake” that’s able to camouflage, and the “Cave Crustacean,” as well as other unnamed monsters.

Note: names are liable to change after release.

A New Environment
With its surface unwelcoming to life, the underground of the ARK is where the action’s at. Life thrived underground, with plant life blooming where sunlight shines, while the rest is illuminated by glowing crystals and decorated with the odd plant or mushroom. Some areas look eerie (all rocks and crystals). Others look no different than in the surface of a functioning ARK, especially those where plants were able to grow. Regardless of the area, challenges await.

Greater Things to Craft
Since this is a whole new ARK with a different appearance and atmosphere, players are going to need additional items to help them survive. In fact, craft glowsticks, charge lanterns, batteries and so on, help to navigate in dark areas. Also, Wingsuits, cave-climbing picks, and zip lines, as well as hazmat suits, help players cross the vast caverns and alien radioactive biomes. Then, there are new weapons to craft, including railguns and explosive rounds, along with craftable gathering equipment and even fortifications to the player’s home.

A Whole New Challenge to Survive
All these things factor into new environmental hazards, including earthquakes, gas leaks, radiation exposure and Element chambers. Each biome brings it set of challenges, whether it’s from the creatures that live there or the area itself. Players will need all their wits and creativity to survive this ARK. In the end, a terrifying (and somehow familiar) creature awaits. Will you be able to reach it, or will you succumb to the Aberration’s dangers?

ARK: Aberration releases this October 2017, but with no specific date announced. The game will be available for all platforms. Fortunately, there are bonus items to grab whoever buys the game’s season pass before the game is up and running. The items include a sword and helmet with an Aberration theme. They’re cosmetic items without gameplay advantages.

Here’s to hoping that this expansion will be better received than the first. Make sure that you’re ahead of the game with ARK Wyvern and ARK Quetzal, which you could learn more about at PlayerAuctions.

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