Networks Unlimited offers local clients hottest global tech in cloud computing

October 27, 2017 • Software, Sponsored

Networks Unlimited offers local clients hottest global tech in cloud computing

Anton Jacobsz, MD at Networks Unlimited.

“When it comes to IT innovation, the cloud certainly has shown itself to have the most precious lining,” states Anton Jacobsz, managing director at value-added distributor, Networks Unlimited.

And, the sparkling success of cloud computing is set to continue. Wise Guy Reports released information in October 2017 showing that the global cloud computing market accounted for USD103.35 billion in 2015 and is poised to reach USD512.81 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 25.7 percent during the forecast period.

According to the report, factors that are influencing the market growth include on demand scalability, business continuity, agility and cost savings, whereas factors such as security, compliance, interoperability, and privacy are inhibiting the progress of cloud computing.

SaaS, says Wise Guy, is the largest segment of cloud computing market, and “hybrid cloud will have the utmost adoption rate and compound annual growth rate in the intermediate term. Amazon, one of the top public cloud providers, has decreased the cost of its public cloud services around 40 times in the last six years alone owing to the rising rivalry and virtuous cycle.”

Jacobsz continues, “At Networks Unlimited we have always thrived on challenging the IT distributor status quo. Our passion for innovation, technology, people and business drives our belief that as early adopters of new technology and bringing those products to you, they grow mainstream and together we can change the course of the world.”

He pinpoints Rubrik, a brand it distributes in Sub-Saharan Africa, as a prime example of innovative technology that has recognised the bright future of cloud.

Named recently to the Forbes Cloud 100 list, Rubrik built the first Cloud Data Management Platform to empower customers to mobilise applications, automate protection policies, recover from ransomware, and search and analyse application data at scale.

The Forbes Cloud 100 list is compiled with the help of partners Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, and recognises the “best and brightest” of private cloud companies. The list is based on operating metrics such as revenue and funding, alongside input from 25 public cloud CEO peers.

Rubrik has become one of the fastest growing enterprise companies ever. Founded in 2014, Rubrik is nearing USD150 million run rate in bookings and has delivered rapid innovation via ten major product releases.

Jacobsz says that Rubrik’s architecture delivers rich services across both on-premise environments and the cloud. “The Rubrik platform enables customers to achieve true cloud mobility. Additionally it protects their applications running on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. We congratulate Rubrik on being included on the Forbes list and are most pleased to offer organisations throughout Sub-Saharan region innovations from one of the hottest tech company in the world,” he concludes.

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