Safaricom solution measures Kenya’s digital economy

July 5, 2017 • East Africa, Finance, Retail, Top Stories

Safaricom partners with mSurvey to measure Kenya's cash and digital Economy.(Image Source: Nairobi Sun)

Safaricom partners with mSurvey to measure Kenya’s cash and digital economy.(Image Source: Nairobi Sun)

Safaricom, in partnership with mSurvey, has announced the launch of Customer Wallet, a mobile platform that quantifies offline consumer spending habits and trends. Consumer Wallet uses mSurvey’s mobile messaging platform to measure and benchmark Kenya’s cash economy.

A beta version of the product was piloted in March 2017 with potential clients and corporate partners. mSurvey leverages SMS to measure the cash-based spending drawn from Safaricom’s mobile subscribers. The data is then fed into the Consumer Wallet database benchmarking preferences and expenditures of various items.

According to a statement by Safaricom, the solution aims to provide insight into the spending habits of such “offline” consumers. Consumer wallet seeks to empower businesses with the requisite insights to arrive at more strategic decisions, and with a deeper understanding of their customer needs. The service will be available on both a subscription and license basis.

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