Mapping Digital Transformation- Dell EMC Forum 2017

March 16, 2017 • Events, Southern Africa, Top Stories

Dell EMC Forum 2017

Dell EMC Forum 2017

On Thursday the 9th of March, Dell EMC hosted the Dell EMC Forum at the Sandton Convention Centre. The theme of the event was “Let the transformation begin” and it was quite appropriate as the various speakers unpacked each facet of the digital transformation journey.

The event was opened by Stewart van Grann, Vice President of Dell EMC, who broke down the company’s outlook of digital transformation. He highlighted the importance of looking at transformation from several different perspectives and how Dell EMC aim to cover all of these perspectives. Douglas Woolley, General Manager of Dell EMC South Africa, was next on to the stage where he outlined the companies view of the future by highlighting the companies four pillars of transformation; information technology (IT) transformation, digital transformation, workforce transformation, and security transformation. Woolley then welcomed the keynote speaker, Nigel Moulton EMA CTO from the UK, to the stage who presented his address on the 6 rules of digital disruption.

After an insightful keynote address and a short networking interval the event was put into full swing. Dell EMC impressively split up the hall at the Sandton Convention Centre into 5 separate spaces with each space dedicated to its own “Track”, each track speaking to a different part of digital transformation journey. Inside each track was a speaker, who was an expert in their dedicated topic, which broke down the various complexities, challenges and opportunities that arise through digital transformation.

Each track comprised of a 30-minute address on various topics within that tracks theme and was then split up by 15 minute intervals to allow for the attendees to move between the different tracks in order to provide a broad overview of the transformation journey.
The tracks were as follows:

  • Track 1: Modern Infrastructure
  • Track 2: Converged Systems
  • Track 3: Workforce Transformation
  • Track 4: The Cloud Landscape
  • Track 5: Big Data Analytics

Outside of the hall was exhibition center which was filled with a number of Dell EMC’s partners. Each stand gave the attendees a different experience and a different insight into different aspects of the digital transformation journey.

The event was a well-structured walk through of the digital transformation journey, which also highlighted the role which Dell EMC sees themselves playing in helping businesses through digital transformation.

By Dean Workman

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