Siemens adopts augmented reality in calendar app

February 3, 2017 • Online & Social, Top Stories

The augmented reality app accompany the wall calendar as a better way to show their customers what it is they do as opposed to telling them.(image: Siemens)

The augmented reality app will accompany the wall calendar as a better way to show customers what it is they do as opposed to telling them.(image: Siemens)

Siemens has adopted augmented reality technology into a mobile application allowing users to experience augmented reality from their smart phones and tablets. The Siemens CalendAR application will be updated monthly to coincide with the corporate communications roadmap for 2017.

Keshin Govender, Head of Corporate Communications at Siemens South Africa. “This was not just innovation for innovation sake, instead we wanted to showcase how our technology across industries makes a positive impact in customer operations as well as its downstream effect on society.

The app can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play stores for free. Once the app has been downloaded, users can point their smart device at each calendar month’s image which comes to life via 3D animated wire frames. There is also video and scrollable infographic styled content linked to each month for the users to engage with. Each month, new content is unlocked as the app updates.

“Not only is the Siemens CalendAR app a unique way to engage with our customers but it also reflects the digitalization of our world and the role Siemens plays. Effective marketing is finding ways to talk about your company, illustrating what you do. It’s about storydoing and not just storytelling. For us, that means using technology and innovation in a way that resonates with our customers,” says Govender.

While the wall calendars were primarily designed and shared with Siemens’ customers, a digital “lite” version of the full wall calendar is available on the Siemens website for others who are interested in learning more about Siemens in a digitalized and interactive way. The app will pick up the trigger visuals from the computer screen directly so no printing is required. The trigger visuals will also feature at every Siemens customer event and tradeshow presence in Africa during 2017.

“By incorporating augmented reality, we reinforced Siemens positioning and demonstrated its capability to transform industries and sectors with a focus on electrification, automation and digitalization, to improve the quality of lives and contribute to South Africa’s economic transformation,” says Govender.

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