Oracle and Inoapps simplifying cloud selection

February 1, 2017 • Cloud Computing, Top Stories

Oracle and Inoapps to transform the transition to cloud. (image source:

Oracle and Inoapps to transform the transition to cloud. (image source:

Oracle’s Global SaaS Cloud Transformation Partner of the Year, Inoapps ( has today launched a game-changing methodology to Implement Oracle Cloud, called Sprint. This process allows organisations to see 80% of their solution in the Oracle Cloud quickly, with no upfront cost or commitment.

The new approach simplifies the Cloud selection system. It manages this by putting prospective customers in control, allowing them to get to grips with their teams with a proposed ‘real-life’ Business Solution before making an investment commitment. This real-life familiarity significantly speeds up the selection process and therefore the time taken to go-live. There are three stages to Sprint.

  1. The first stage of the process is the ‘Preparation’ phase, where the Modern Best Practice Business Flows are selected jointly with the customer. Inoapps has built proprietary tools to identify all the scope required to get to an initial proposal and it is here that the scene is set for the new system.
  2. Should the customer wish to proceed to the second stage, Inoapps’ consultants work closely with them to ‘Align’ the system’s core design element with their specific requirements.
  3. During the third stage, the customer supplies data in pre-defined templates, which is loaded into the configured system. Training is provided on the solution and the customer is given test scripts to validate the system.

After these steps the customers will be provided with further workshops to help define Data Migration, Integration, Reporting and Change Management Requirements. From here, a fixed price proposal is presented to the customer along with all the contractual documentation.

All three stages are free of charge to the customer and are expected to last around 6 – 8 weeks.

Through Inoapps’ proprietary tools and considerable hands-on experience of selected business flows, followed by the submission of a formal proposal, Sprint delivers a smooth transition to the new Oracle cloud-based business system.

Having seen what the prospective ‘real-life’ system would look like, customers have far greater confidence in their decision to move forward. By working in partnership with Inoapps, Sprint uses the latest Oracle Modern Best Practice Business Flows to streamline the processes involved, ensuring a smooth transition to Oracle Cloud. Inoapps was an early Oracle Cloud adopter itself, so has unrivalled experience and expertise when advising prospective users on how to get it right first time. Beyond this, Inoapps will deliver support services to ensure the system performs to optimal effect and that the value of the customer’s investment is maximised.

Andy Bird CEO of Inoapps, said that “For organisations considering a move to the Cloud, there is a great deal of perceived risk in moving their critical systems to an unfamiliar environment. We’ve come up with a way to lower the risk and in this respect, our new Sprint methodology is a Game Changer.”

Any company’s looking to implement a cloud project needs to plan it thoroughly, so that it runs smoothly and effectively and that they experience minimum business disruption, according to Bird.

“Our revolutionary Sprint methodology is based on our Oracle technical expertise and our considerable in-depth understanding of business processes and transformation. With Inoapps’ Sprint, they can then immerse themselves in a real-life context to see exactly what their system would look like before they commit. Once they are happy, we implement this system specification; and this saves them significant resource when transitioning to the transformational benefits of Oracle Cloud. However, it doesn’t end there. Following a successful go-live, we will work with them to keep their system in great shape, ensuring they maximise the value of their investment in Oracle,” concluded Bird.

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