Useful smartphone accessories that you probably haven’t heard of

January 24, 2017 • Gadgets and Gaming, Opinion

Smartphone accessories

Smartphone accessories

Smartphones are very advanced devices. Nowadays they come with a ton of different functions and features, that many of us don’t even know we have. But no matter how multi-functional smartphones are, there is always room for improvement. Any smartphone can become even better and cooler with the right accessories. So here are a few of them that will expand the features offered by your phone and will definitely elevate your smartphone game.
We know tile as the material that is often used to cover the floors and walls in our bathrooms, but this Tile is different. It is a small square-shaped device that can be attached to any object you want to keep track of from your keys to your bicycle. The premise behind this smartphone accessory is no more searching of your keys or trying to trying to track down your stolen wallet, because Tile will give you and exact location of the object it is attached to, to help you find it quicker. You use it in conjunction with their smartphone app, that is designed both for IOS and Android, and Bluetooth 4.0 in your phone. And next time you lose the object that Tile is attached to, just fire up the app.
Music Beany
Music beany is a headset that is integrated into a knitted beanie hat, created by Archos. It allows the users to stream music from their smartphones to earphones built into the hat via Bluetooth and enjoy the music without having to use separate headset. And there are even integrated controls in the beanie, so you can control the volume, switch songs and answer your calls just by touching the buttons on the side of the beany. The beanie itself is made of high quality poly-acrylic. It is available in different colors, so with this smartphone accessory you can be stylish and enjoy your music without a hassle.
Docking station
Weather you own an iPhone, an Android operated smartphone or other type of phone completely, a docking station might be the smartphone accessory you have been missing. Both iPhone and Android docking station provide you with a way to charge your device, easily transfer files from your phone to your computer or turn it into a full-blown high-powered multimedia system. How many times have you wished that your smartphone could play your music louder or could be connected to monitors to play movies of TV shows? Wish no more, because with docking station, all these wishes become possibilities.
Shutter Remote
Shutter Remote is a remote that allows you to take pictures from a distance. With this gadget your selfies will no longer be limited to the length of your arm or selfie stick, because with a shutter remote you can take a picture by pushing a button on a remote. The remote is small, which means that it is very portable and easy to take with you anywhere you go. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and usually allows you to be up to 32 feet away from your phone. So take your selfie game to a whole new level, by using a shutter remote.
Solar-powered charger
Nowadays there are all kind of portable chargers available, but one of the most convenient ones is the solar power charger, because it allows you to charge your phone using energy form the sunlight. It means that there is no more need to have an outlet nearby for you to.


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