Sunday, March 3, 2024
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How Trump could wreck the tech world

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Donald Trump's policies could have a drastic affect on the tech world.
Donald Trump’s policies could have a drastic affect on the tech world.

He has only been in office for just over a week, but Donald Trump has stumbled from one controversy to the next, with the latest rumpus being about a travel ban, which will see millions of people from mostly Muslim countries, banned from entering the US  according to a reports by CNN.

How will this affect the tech world you may be asking, well its quite simple actually, many of the greatest tech companies founded in the US have been influenced by immigrants. You only have to look at some of the biggest tech companies in the world to see this; Apple, eBay and Oracle were all created by first or second generation Americans who came from one of the countries that President Trump has included in his ban.

This is only the start of the Trump effect, according to Fin24,  his next executive order will directly affect the tech world as Trump plans to overhaul the work-visa programs which tech companies rely on to hire tens of thousands of employees each year.

Silicon Valley is up in arms, with a number of top tech companies in the US coming out in opposition to the ban, with some going as far as sending out messages asking employees who will be affected to cancel their travel plans. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter, AirBnB have all condemned Trumps policy, slamming it as “misguided and Un-American.”

In an industry which relies on collaboration from diverse minds in order to create the right environment for innovation and creativity to thrive, this travel ban could have a very negative effect on the tech world, particularly in the US.

By: Dean Workman



  1. Really weak article all based on If, Maybe or Could……..Sensational Headline but that where it ends. I suggest the editor keeps real.

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