SAP Africa announces new appointments

November 10, 2016 • People

SAP has announced the appointment Antonia Ashton and Ansophie Strydom as part of the communications team. Antonia Ashton will be heading the communication for South Europe, Middle Est and Africa while Ansophie Strydom heads communication in Africa. Both will have a huge role to play in driving the GTM plans.

antonia-ashtonAntonia Ashton, Head of Communications for South Europe, Middle East and Africa at SAP

Antonia Ashton has assumed the role of Head of Communications: South Europe, Middle East & Africa at SAP She will be responsible for the ecutive communications agenda while ensuring all of the SAP EMEA South communications team is consistently aligned to GTM plans to drive a consistent message across key stakeholders, including SAP leaders and customers.

ansophieAnsophie Strydom, Head of Communications for SAP Africa

Ansophie Strydom stepped into the role of Head of Communications for Africa. Ansophie will continue to be a part of the Global Corporate Affairs team and will be working in alignment with the other EMEA South Communications team members to ensure the effective cascade of the best of global communications activities and messaging to SAP Africa.

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