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October 25, 2016 • Sponsored

Today, there are plenty of options available when it comes to mattresses. Latex mattresses and the memory foam mattress have become quite common and even don’t cost more. There has been change in the inner spring mattresses and the manufacturers are now incorporating new kind of foam into the mattresses.

It has been proved that the technology has actually paved way for a better sleep. You can get some of the best Black Friday furniture deals from various online platforms at affordable rates. You can however, check different positive as well as the negative points for each type of mattress.

  • Inner Spring Mattress.

Inner spring mattresses are very common type of mattresses that we all have tried at least once in our lifetime. Many customers prefer these mattresses and they offer the required comfort to them. Many manufacturers recommend using their foundation with their mattresses and may even void the warranty if their customers do not do it.

The inner spring mattresses include hundreds of the wires of various gauges spun into the coil. These types of mattresses often last for 5 to 10 years with the normal use. Many people find the inner spring mattresses less comfortable when compared to the foam mattress and the water bed mattress.

  • Water Bed Mattress.

Standard spring mattress can increase the pressure on the body. Sleeping on the water can reduce the pain that is often caused by the standard mattresses and can give you a proper alignment. These types of mattresses are first of a kind and are quite comfortable too.

You can use the heater so as to warm up the water in the beds that can help you to relieve the muscle tension and stress. The main problem that is faced by many people is huge mess created by it. A simple puncture in these mattresses can even turn your bedroom into a pond. The other problem is that if you are sleeping with a partner, the movement caused by them can wake you up.

  • Air Mattresses.

It can give you different level of firmness that is based on the amount of the air blown into these mattresses. Each side of your bed can be set to a complete different level of firmness for the person who shares your bed. The original Select Comfort Air Mattress generally costs a lot of money.

Air mattress includes many parts that are often prone to break easily. The companies that offer these mattresses generally provide a lot of fine print and very limited liability. These mattresses can easily sway just like the spring mattresses that can give you an uncomfortable sleeping surface.

  • Memory Foam mattresses.

These were introduced to the world by NASA. They are basically designed so as to relieve the pressure on the body. They are still used in the medical conditions where the patient is confined to the bed, so as to relieve the pressure sores. Two memory foam mattress can be totally different, if they are from different manufacturers.

You should be comfortable with the company before purchasing the mattress from them. Memory foam is polyurethane foam and not a natural product. They can have a very funky order and some people often find it very offensive.


However, you need to look after few more factors so as to choose the right mattress for you including the comfort level that it is providing. You can browse through the online stores and consider the reviews and opinions of people before purchasing one. This will help you buy the right product.

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