Netflix goes live in South Africa

Netflix South Africa
Netflix South Africa.
Netflix South Africa
Netflix South Africa. (Image Source:

More than 130 countries, including South Africa, officially have access to Video On Demand Service (VOD), Netflix. The announcement was made at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by Netflix chief executive, Reed Hastings.

At the reveal, Hasting stated that the firm will also be offering HDR (high dynamic range) content during the course of 2016; however, no specific date was revealed.

Netflix had been largely unavailable to the continent of Africa as well as Asia; however, this announcement has changed this as the service is now available. Unfortunately, the service is still not available in China. Hasting stated in a article that: “We hope to also be [there] in the future.”

When it comes to pricing, the South African Netflix Portal has indicated that the service will start at USD $7.99 (R126.59 dependent on rate of exchange) as well as offer South African consumers a free month to test out the service. According to the Netflix Portal that consumers will not be charged until after their free trial ends.

Darryl Linington