Internet connectivity disrupted in Africa


Internet Outage
Internet outage impacts Africa.

Internet connectivity was disrupted from 16:00pm (SAST) on 21 January 2016 to 19:00pm (SAST) in various parts of the African continent.

According to a statement, released by South African internet service provider MWEB, it was revealed that the continent had suffered a total loss of international bandwidth.

According to the statement, this was caused by failures on both the SEACOM and WACS undersea cables, which run along the east and west coasts of Africa respectively.

In the statement MWEB said that the likelihood of a failure on both cables at the same time was extremely low, but unfortunately it happened, and most service providers were affected as a result. Services were restored shortly before 19:00pm and are currently still running stable.

According to SEACOM repair teams were dispatched, and will continue to monitor connectivity.

Darryl Linington
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