Airtel Africa unveils Tap2Bill service

Back in 2009, Bharti Airtel reached the 100 million customers mark. In 2012 the company pushed on until it crossed the 200 million mark. (Image: Christian de Faria, CEO, Airtel Africa.)
Airtel Africa, Chief Executive Officer, Christian de Faria
Airtel Africa, Chief Executive Officer, Christian de Faria.

Bharti Airtel Africa has revealed direct to consumer services for merchants and content providers across Africa via a new service, which has been dubbed by the company “Tap2Pay.”

The new Airtel Tap2Bill service will enable content providers and merchants to utilise Airtel’s billing infrastructure to charge and bill their customers.

According to Airtel, the service will be available via a secure portal that will help content providers and merchants grow their business across Africa, without the need to invest in costly billing and payment capabilities. The portal will be available in the first week of December 2015.

Commenting on the service, Airtel Africa, Chief Executive Officer, Christian de Faria noted, “We are very pleased to announce this new customer payment innovation to the market. It will support the growth of content services and enable content producers and merchants across Africa to share and benefit from Airtel’s scale, market and technology.”

On his part, IMImobile, Chief Executive Officer, Jay Patel noted, “Ensuring the constant growth of choice and variety of mobile services is key across Africa and Airtel recognise that they are in a unique position to help content providers and merchants. We are delighted to partner with Airtel Africa to help bring these new, affordable, mobile-centric service offerings to market which not only creates a richer user experience for subscribers but will also encourage and support the growth and variety of mobile content across Africa.”

IMImobile has worked with Airtel Africa since 2011 helping establish it as one of the leading mobile service providers and innovators across Africa.

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