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MTN South Africa struck down by strike action

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mtn strike
The union is currently demanding a 10 percent pay increase for its members as well as higher bonuses.

According to a report via EWN, Mobile service provider MTN revealed that its call and service centres as well as its distribution offices are currently being affected by a strike. According to the report, the strike is being led by the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

The CWU is demanding a 10 percent pay increase for its members as well as higher bonuses; however, the CWU represents less than 30 percent of MTN’s workforce.

On CWU’s involvement, MTN representative Themba Nyati said; “In order for the union to be recognised, they must have at least a 30 percent threshold of representatives. So from the unions that we have at MTN, CWU is sitting on 19 percent and then Solidarity is sitting at plus minus 4 percent.”

Responding to questions about the strike, CWU president, Clive Mervin said: “MTN has no choice but to recognise our existence.”
He added, “We’ve made it clear we’re willing to negotiate, but MTN can’t forever not recognise us. We’ve made a huge impact in MTN. KZN will be on strike, Western Cape will be on strike, Mpumalanga will be on strike, Limpopo will be on strike and the biggest of them all will be in Johannesburg”.

MTN has since apologized to its customers for any service disruptions that may be experienced during the strike.

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