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ISS 2015: Intel Compute Stick has great potential in Africa

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Intel Compute Stick
Intel Compute Stick. (Image Credit: Darryl Linington)

Smartphones and tablets have boomed in Africa; however, the standard desktop PC has been left behind. At the Intel Solutions Summit 2015, Intel unveiled its latest innovation – the Intel Compute Stick.

Laura Crone, Intel’s VP of the Client Computing Group (CCG) and general manager of Channel Platforms and Operations at Intel Corporation unveiled the device. According to Crone, the Intel Compute Stick can be plugged into any device, which features an HDMI port, and essentially be used as an entry level PC.

Users can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to the device in order improve the overall experience. Additionally, the device has Wi-Fi connectivity as well as 32GB of internal storage. The device also features a Quad-Core Intel Atom Processor, 2GB of RAM as well as the option of utlising two operating systems – including Windows 8.1 and Linux Ubuntu.

When it comes to pricing, the Intel Compute Stick is set to retail at $149 USD (R1770), which is far more cost-effective than a standard desktop device. This could allow African start-ups to grow and innovate at an exponential rate. Let’s face it, Africa is known for providing a wealth of start-ups; however not many people, especially those in rural areas, have access to a desktop device.

Additionally, the device shows a lot of potential when it comes to the educational sector. Rural-based schools can equip HDMI compatible devices with the Intel Compute Stick in order to allow teachers, and students, to access the internet. Furthermore, teachers can prepare educational material  while students can access vital information for various school projects. This is where the Intel Compute Stick could allow African Innovators and educational institutes to break through the limitations of the standard mobile interface, and start powering their business or school through a desktop styled device.

While the Intel Compute Stick shows a great deal of potential for Africa, especially when it comes to start-ups and education… the device can also be used for entertainment purposes. Users can stream content as well as play entry level gaming titles on the device. Overall, the Intel Compute Stick shows a great amount of potential, especially for the African Market.

Darryl Linington

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