10 African tech start-ups to look out for

TorQue (Rwanda) graces our top 10 start-ups to look out for list.

Africa is bursting with potential, especially when it comes to the tech start-up scene. A great number of companies have entered the African tech scene recently; however, 10 of these start-ups have shined, much like the glorious African sun, in the eyes of IT News Africa.

While some of these start-ups are only just starting to break the mould… others have already been backed by large corporations such as Microsoft as well as Rwandan technology incubator, Think. With Africa boiling over with potential, we have listed the Top 10 African start-ups to look out for below.

The following start-ups have been selected:

1. Beliaa (Egypt)

Beliaa is a mobile application for Road Assistance, using GPS Location services, and provides traffic tracking and other transportation information features. The company was founded in 2012 by Amgad Morgan, and has quickly been gaining user traction in Cairo.

2. Cribpark (Nigeria)

Cribpark offers a platform for real estate matching, home design, and architecture, and connects homeowners to an array of valuable goods and services. Co-founded by Dare O. Pius and Oaldapo Ayo, the team of eight is building a one-stop shop for African housing items for a local context.

3. PollAfrique (Ghana)

PollAfrique is a research platform for Africa, allowing respondents to participate in incentivised surveys via a number of online channels. Developed out of Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (M.E.S.T.) in Ghana, CEO Samuel Dzidzornu leads a strong team that will bring a new perspective on big data. Recently featured on CNBC, PollAfrique has been highlighted as a “Venture of Pan-African Significance”.

4. TorQue (Rwanda)

TorQue delivers channel management software for wholesale distributors in the beverage and telecommunications industries and is designed to run the entire distribution business. Founded in Kigali by Jean Niyotwagira, the company has some traction with large-scale beverage distributors, and is looking to expand.

Ukall (Kenya)

Ukall is an ICT company that automates business processes, allowing companies and businesses to run more efficiently. Their mobile application ‘Akida’ addresses the challenges of staff attendance verification.

6. Cojengo (East Africa)

Based on the Swahili word ‘Kujenga’, Cojengo creates mobile and cloud solutions that address animal and human health issues. Their ‘VetAfrica’ app helps farmers diagnose livestock disease and share disease surveillance data.

7. MobiPay (Kenya)

MobiPay facilitates commerce and trade through mobile devices in the SME, agricultural and remittance sectors. Their AgriLife solution helps farmers access market opportunities, receive financing and get information on how best to grow, manage and market their produce.

8. iTaxi.ma (Morocco)

iTaxi.ma is a mobile application that lets users book, track and rate taxis within Morocco. The app uses Geo-location technology, allowing users to send their location and transport details to available taxi drivers in the area and track their progress.

9. AfNov (Rwanda)

AfNov is a software development company. Their mobile application ‘Ikaye y’umudugudu’ allows users to report their community challenges and conflicts to government. In addition, users can track development and progress within government institutions, ensuring accountability and enhanced development.

10. BookNow (Kenya)

BookNow is a mobile system that allows Kenyan’s to buy bus tickets online, providing secure mobile money and card payment options and enabling customers to avoid long queues.

Darryl Linington