MultiChoice unlocks HD channels effective immediately

August 21, 2014 • Satellite Comms, Top Stories


In the past, only DStv Premium customers had access to the HD channels.

Multichoice has revealed that it will make it HD channel range open to all of its customers, with immediate effect. The group stated that customers who have channels in their package, that are also available in HD, will see these channels in HD if they have the necessary HD equipment installed.

In the past, only DStv Premium customers had access to the HD channels. MultiChoice said that new HD channels will be offered to all as and when they become available. Currently, DStv Premium customers with an HD decoder and an HD capable TV have access to 20 HD channels.

Additionally, according to the group, DStv Extra customers will now have access to six HD channels, DStv Compact customers four HD channels, and DStv Family and Select one HD channel each. There are currently no HD channels available for customers on DStv Access and EasyView.

The group also stated that: “Customers do not need to do anything to get the HD channels – if they have HD decoders and HD capable televisions, they will see the HD channels that are available on their package next week in HD.”

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