10 vicious viruses that will ruin your company

August 8, 2014 • Lists, Top Stories

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With Enterprise Mobility becoming a major trend, there are security precautions that need to be taken. One of the biggest precautions would be to protect your business against vicious viruses that could not only cripple your business, but potentially ruin it beyond repair.

In order to highlight these threats, IT News Africa, in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab, have compiled a list of 10 vicious viruses that will ruin your company.

1. Zeus/SpyEye:
This Trojan has grown to become one of the most popular banking Trojans to date. It has been deigned to essentially steal an individuals banking details as well as record any keystrokes that a user may perform.

2. Zeus In The Mobile (ZITMO):
The mobile version of the Zeus Trojan. This Trojan infects mobile devices in order to to steal credentials, SMS, and Mobile transaction authorisation numbers (MTans).

3. Cryptolocker:
Cryptolocker is essentially ransomware that encrypts files on an infected system. Once the files have been encrypted, the user is then asked to pay a large sum of money in order to decrypt the files.

4. Koler/Police Ransomware:
Koler/Police Ransomware is another type of ransomware that locks infected systems and broadcasts a fake warning message from law enforcement entities. The ransonware informs users that the device has been used in order to conduct criminal activities. The user is then asked to pay a hefty price in order to unlock the device.

5. Svpeng:
Sypeng is a Mobile SMS-Trojan that spreads via SMS spam as well as compromised, legitimate sites, which are then forced to redirect mobile users to a malicious resources. This Trojan is capable of stealing SMS messages as well as information that is associated with voice calls and bank card information. The Trojan can additionally be used to steal money from the victim’s bank account.

6. Sality:
Sality is a polymorphic virus that spreads using removable media and local networks – it is a very popular virus especially in Middle East and Africa. Sality infects many executable files on the victim’s machine making it very difficult to be removed. It has many versions with many different capabilities like sending spam, collecting information, and executing DDOS attacks.

7. Dark Comet:
Dark Comet is a popular and free remote administration tool, which is widely used by cybercriminals. It provides an extensive command set for the attackers to use in their malicious purposes. Dark Comet can be used to steal information, screen captures, key logs, or essentially damage the infected system.

8. Virut:
One of the most wide spreading malware types. Virut is used by cybercriminals to send spam and to perform fraudulent and DDOS attacks.

9. Obad:
A multi-functional mobile malware – it sends messages to premium rate numbers, downloads and installs other malware, uses Bluetooth to send itself to other devices, and remotely performs commands at the console. This virus is one virus that could potentially add an exponential amount of downtime to a business.

10. APT malware types:
These are used in advanced persistent threat attacks. Usually they are a very sophisticated type of malware, which can be used to target a specific type of victim. It has been developed to bypass protection technologies. Plugx, Winnti, Shamoon and Icefog are examples of this sophisticated malware. These types of malware can be used to steal sensitive information or to cause damage and disturb business continuity.

Darryl Linington: IT News Africa – Online Editor
Ghareeb Saad: Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team – Kaspersky Lab

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