Cape Town-“Most Congested City In South Africa”

June 4, 2014 • Company News, Southern Africa

TomTom (TOM2), a global leader in traffic, today published its 4th annual global traffic index for 2013. The results revealed that Cape Town is now the most congested city in South Africa, surpassing Johannesburg which was the most congested city in 2012.

TomTom’s traffic data also showed that traffic congestion on secondary roads is worse than main roads, and commuters are spending an unbelievable average of 10 working days a year stuck in traffic. This is creating a new set of challenges for local authorities looking for solutions to the increasing traffic problem.

The data also finds that the traffic shortcuts drivers take to avoid congestion are actually ‘longcuts’, adding 50% more travel time to journeys. It also finds South Africa to be the only country in the world to experience their worst congestion on a Monday morning while the rest of the world experiences their worst congestion on a Wednesday morning.

“Traffic congestion is nothing new, and continues to be a global challenge. The traditional responses to congestion, such as building new roads or widening existing ones are no longer proving to be effective. Real time traffic information can help drivers find the quickest shortcut on their journey, and assist governments to make smarter decisions to improve traffic flow for their cities,” said Daan Henderickx, Country Manager of TomTom South Africa.

The Traffic Index is the only global measurement of traffic congestion comparing travel times during non-congested hours with travel times in peak hours experienced by passenger vehicles. The Index takes into account both local roads and highways. The top ten most congested cities ranked by overall congestion level in 2013 were:

1 Moscow 74% 6 Palermo 39%
2 Istanbul 62% 7 Warsaw 39%
3 Rio de Janeiro 55% 8 Rome 37%
4 Mexico City 54% 9 Los Angeles 36%
5 São Paulo 46% 10 Dublin 35%

South Africa has seen an increase in congestion in all of the six cities that the report monitored with Cape Town and East London’s congestion both increasing by 2%. South Africa had a congestion level of 21% in 2013 while the individual cities were ranked as follows:

Global Ranking

1 Cape Town 27% 33
2 Johannesburg 25% 48
3 East London 22% 65
4 Pretoria 22% 73
5 Durban 18% 98
6 Bloemfontein 12% 134/138

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