Software AG making strides in South Africa

April 7, 2014 • Top Stories

Software AG South Africa’s strategy to optimise its operations is proving to be a fruitful decision. At the beginning of 2014, ambitious goals were set for business growth.

Mohamed Cassoojee, Software AG South Africa’s Vice-President and Country Manager (image: supplied)

Mohamed Cassoojee, Software AG South Africa’s Vice-President and Country Manager (image: supplied)

“The business results for this year’s first quarter have set an exciting benchmark for 2014,” says Mohamed Cassoojee, Software AG South Africa’s Vice-President and Country Manager.

In a fast changing and dynamic industry, it is imperative for technology companies to foresee the needs clients and partners will not only have today, but in the future. Due to this approach, Software AG SA set out to optimize its operations and enhance its offering and service to clients and partners in 2014.

“Software AG SA is not merely a software products company. Our vision is to provide the true business solutions that the captains of South African industries are crying out for,” says Cassoojee.

“Through our optimised operations, we have been able to achieve tremendous growth within a three month period. We aim to drive business in South Africa even further throughout 2014 and will be hiring new sales staff for anticipated growth.”

Although the first quarter of 2014 was filled with successes, the natural progression of the business led to some difficult strategic decisions that had to be made. Software AG recently reassessed its Africa division but Cassoojee says that with Africa’s economy reaching $13 Trillion by 2050, the continent still provides huge opportunities for growth and the company will be able to add significant value to customers in the region.

Software AG SA is already achieving this in South Africa and has consequently seen a tremendous growth this quarter in its License Sales business, compared to 2013’s first quarter. The company has also achieved ample growth in its Service Delivery side of the business. “We believe this is strong evidence of a successful year ahead for the company,” states Cassoojee. “We are confident that we will continue to build and grow the business to new heights in 2014.”

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