Orange Business Services dreaming big in Africa

April 14, 2014 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Connected devices, offices and infrastructure is becoming more pervasive across the African continent, and France-based Orange Business Services is one of the companies leading the charge.

Yannick Decaux, newly appointed country manager for South Africa at Orange Business Services. (Image source: Orange Business Services)

Yannick Decaux, newly appointed country manager for South Africa at Orange Business Services. (Image source: Orange Business Services)

Orange’s Country Manager for South Africa Yannick Decaux, in an interview with IT News Africa, highlighted his company’s belief in Africa.

“We believe in Africa – Orange is making big investments in platforms for increasingly sophisticated demands of business, and our strategy has delivered expected growth and customer satisfaction. We are a very strong geographical player with the right assets to enable the digital business transformation of our customers throughout Africa, as recognized by the market. We want to help African companies become Pan-African companies with the growing digital transformation,” he said.

As for their plans, they intend to expand their African footprint. “We are still on track for Africa – the plan hasn’t changed. We see a lot of multinational customers who want to enter Africa and work with Orange. The customers come to us for outstanding customer service, and we survey our customers every quarter to improve our services and network stability. Our next phase for the Pan-african strategy is to be a trusted partner for our customer’s digital business transformation.”

Orange has been seeing a lot of growth from African-head quartered companies, and that they want to take advantage of this growth. “We see in our customers a different kind of working environment, such as mobile and working from home, so they want to be connected to the work place.”

Being connected from virtually anywhere means having to move some assets to the cloud – which Decaux believes is starting to gain traction in Africa.

“Cloud computing is going to be big, and a lot more customers are connecting to it, so we are helping them achieve that. Another area that we excel in is M2M, and all of this is being done in a secure environment. Moving to customers based in Africa is a priority for us, and we will help them complete their digital transformation.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor 

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