Uganda Telecom relaunches Voice SMS

February 25, 2014 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Uganda Telecom has announced the re-launch of its Voice SMS service on Kirusa Platforms. This service will enable the carrier’s subscribers to “Have a Voice!” and seamlessly connect with their loved ones.

Uganda Telecom announced the re-launch of its Voice SMS service (image: file)

Uganda Telecom announced the re-launch of its Voice SMS service (image: file)

Voice SMS is based on the pioneering Voice SMS technology by Kirusa, the inventor of Voice SMS, and a leader in voice and social media solutions for emerging markets. Voice SMS allows mobile subscribers to send messages by voice, eliminating the need to type.

The service is available to all subscribers of Uganda Telecom, on both feature phones and smartphones. With its Voice SMS offering, Kirusa is empowering human voice by changing the way people communicate with their peers.

Uganda Telecom customers just have to dial ‘*’ followed by the number of the person they wish to send the message to, and speak a short message for up to 30 seconds in any language. The recipient gets a notification message from the sender and can dial *0* to hear new voice messages, or retrieve previously listened voice messages by dialing *1*. Voice SMS messages can be composed, replied to, forwarded, saved, skipped, retrieved or deleted. Customers can also have an option to record and leave Automatic Voice SMS. Subscribers have to pay 150 UGX for composing On-net and Off-net Voice SMS and 50 UGX for repeat listen.

Expressing his views on the launch, Shailendra Naidu, Chief Commercial Officer, Uganda Telecom, states, “We are delighted to re-launch this contemporary service from Kirusa.We are hopeful that this service will introduce a new way to communicate for our subscribers, and prove to be a beneficial resource.”

Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO, Kirusa, said, “We are honored that Uganda Telecom has chosen to re-launch Voice SMS with Kirusa. It is the next-generation messaging application that is quickly gaining momentum among carriers around the world. It is easier to speak than to type, much more powerful and gives you the freedom to express beyond textual boundaries.”

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