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Nigeria’s Konga unveils refurbished marketplace

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Sim Shagaya, CEO of (Image source: Google/
Sim Shagaya, CEO of (Image source: Google/

Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall which only last year announced the launch of Konga Mall, an offering which gave select Nigerian businesses the opportunity to make their products and businesses available online to millions of Nigerian shoppers, is happy to announce the evolution of its trading platform.

Konga has already changed the rules of participating in e-commerce in Nigeria through several novel offerings to customers, major investments in infrastructure and widespread education on the merits and convenience of online retail.

Now Konga is building a marketplace that will exponentially drive the adoption of e-commerce in the country through unrestricted yet structured participation, as well as novel platform security measures and guarantees that ensure buyer and seller are protected and rewarded for participating.

This new offering which will be launching in the coming weeks will cater to the needs of not only big wholesalers/ retailers, but even the road side/ market traders in Surulere, Alaba, Aba, Onitsha, Kaduna, as well as enterprising individuals across the country with amazing products but no hope of expansion or scaling.

This platform will revolutionise the way buyers and sellers interact, with a model that is more convenient for the seller and more attractive to the buyer. It will create unlimited opportunity for the Nigerian entrepreneur, small business owner or even large business owner; it will serve as the great equaliser/nation builder, boosting employment, trade and powering economic growth and development in Nigeria.

Maxitech, a computer and electronics dealer based in Lagos who has benefited from the earlier launched Konga Mall had this to say;

“I have been selling computers for a number of years now in Lagos and to customers in neighboring cities, but I must admit that what has been able to do for my business is increase my sales portfolio not only locally but nationwide E-commerce in Nigeria is definitely the future and I am happy that Konga is not only growing at a tremendous pace but is also helping Nigerian Businesses grow as well.”

Sim Shagaya, CEO of had this to say about the new platform; “About a year ago, we realised that for our services to be really valuable to society, we had to build a platform for anyone, not just Konga, to sell and prosper. We launched this platform to a limited number of sellers and in that time, we have learned how to build a truly revolutionary Nigerian online marketplace. Today we are pleased to invite all Nigerian businesses – great or small, designer or farmer, producer or trader, sole proprietorship or limited liability – to sign up to this new platform – Konga Marketplace. We will be opening up in the next few weeks and we think you will be pleasantly surprised by what we have built.”

The internet is changing retail around the world, and the winners will be those that embrace the internet revolution. will provide the tools, awareness and security for entrepreneurs and businesses across Nigeria who want to benefit from the immense benefits of expanding their businesses online.

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