PlayStation 4 unveiled, bad news for South Africa

December 11, 2013 • Gadgets and Gaming

Sony unveiled their latest console, the PlayStation 4, to selected media in Johannesburg last night – ahead of the scheduled national rollout date of Friday 13 December.

The PlayStation 4 was unveiled to press in Johannesburg (image: Ronelle Hendriks)

The PlayStation 4 was unveiled to press in Johannesburg (Image source: Ronelle Hendriks)

The PlayStation 4 is being launched in South Africa before Microsoft’s Xbox One. Mario Dos Santos, CEO at SterKinekor Entertainment (distributor of PlayStation in South Africa), said that there will not be enough PlayStation 4 consoles in the country to satisfy the growing demand.

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been launched throughout most of the world, but South Africa is still waiting for word from Microsoft Global as to when the gaming console will arrive on African shores – adding to the pressure for Sony to supply as much PlayStation 4 consoles as possible before Christmas.

“In all honesty, there won’t be enough consoles available at launch on Friday. Most of the units we received was to satisfy pre-orders, but we will getting another supply drop just before Christmas,” Dos Santos told IT News Africa.

He added that gamers should look at the bigger picture in terms of units in the country. “If we look at the benchmark figures and the size of the South African market compared to the rest of the world, I think we got a fair allocation.”

At the same time Dos Santos said he was a bit disappointed that the Xbox One has yet to launch in South Africa because it stimulates the market and provides for fair competition. “The Xbox360 launched in South Africa before the PlayStation 3, so we know what it feels like being on the back foot. So we know how difficult it can be to get back to par. But with that said, we are excited about having a lead in South Africa.”

Dos Santos explained that globally the PlayStation 4 has sold 30% more units than the Xbox One and added that he is confident that most gamers will have a PlayStation 4 by the end of December as more stock arrives.

In terms of gaming, Dos Santos explained that he is most looking forward to the new Killzone title. “I looking out for Infamous, and Killzone is great fun. Those are the titles that stand out for me at launch”.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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