Cameroonians battling ahead of digital switchover

December 27, 2013 • Mobile and Telecoms, North Africa, Top Stories

Cameroonians are reportedly still battling with the challenges imposed by the switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting technology.

Yaounde' Cameroon. (Image source:

Yaounde’ Cameroon. (Image source:

Global reports suggest that whilst experts acknowledge the many benefits of digital technology, including sharper images and high definition broadcasting, there is awareness of challenges – most notably the fact that old television sets will not be able to receive signals.

The Voice of America quotes digital switchover expert, Tebo Mathias, as saying that locals are supposed to be informed. “…they are supposed to be well educated because you will not imagine an old person maybe in the village somewhere, one morning he is unable to tune to a station because the switchover is already there and he was not aware,” he said.

The affordability of new TV sets has been raised in reports as well as the fact that these sets are prerequisites to enjoying the benefits because of the standing and unchangeable decision by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) regarding the global switchover to digital.

Mathias added “ITU has already decided that after that date, those countries that refuse to switch will not be able to receive signals from abroad or their own signals will not be able to be transmitted to neighbouring countries because of interference.”

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