The challenge in keeping up with cloud adoption

November 21, 2013 • Enterprise, Southern Africa

As per Gartner’s’ predictions, the adoption of public cloud services will continue to grow as organisation attempt to drive down IT spending. “The cloud simply offers more scalability in terms of growth, redundancy & versatility than any on-premise solution”, says Paul Stafford, regional general manager at Mimecast.


Paul Stafford, regional general manager at Mimecast. (Image source: Mimecast)

Paul Stafford, regional general manager at Mimecast. (Image source: Mimecast)

However the adoption of public cloud services also presents its own challenges to local ICT industry in terms of skills development, legal compliance and revenue loss. “The big question is whether our local ICT industry is ready to support the cloud at the rate at which Gartner predicts adoption will take place”, says Stafford.

Skills development within the ICT industry will need to shift its focus on training IT staff on how to manage cloud service providers and interpret legal agreements in order to comprehend what they mean to the business and identify the necessary risks based on local legislation and compliance requirements relevant to their industry, says Stafford.

In addition, the PoPI Act will be enforced shortly and with the widespread adoption of cloud services, organisations need to ensure their cloud service provider can support them in meeting the requirements as set out by the Act.

The local ICT industry will need to educate IT Staff as to what the PoPI Act expects of organisations in terms of processing, securing and storing data belonging to that of users and customers in order to advise and direct organisations as to which Cloud Service to use in order to maintain compliance.

Organisations need to take into account that our local ICT industry has a much better understanding of what is necessary in terms of compliance and infrastructure requirements. “Organisations must appoint or consult the local ICT Industry to ensure they select the right cloud service provider based for their type of industry”, says Stafford.

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