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October 3, 2013 • Gadgets and Gaming

If memory serves, the original Flashback from 1992 was pretty good, with many gamers claiming that it could have been a title that defined the platform genre – or not. But enough gamers still love the title so much that original game designer Paul Cuisset decided to approach Ubisoft about commissioning a remake – which they did.

A screenshot of Flashback (image: Microsoft)

A screenshot of Flashback (image: Microsoft)

However, players of the original Flashback might be a little disappointed when they download the remake on their chosen digital platform, as it does not live up to the glory of the first title. Maybe it is just a question of timing and probably the age of the game, but the format doesn’t seem to live up to similar, well thought-out games available today.

The title retains its platform roots, and maybe that is where things go wrong. Sticking to the original way of doing things, players will more often than not be sent on a wild goose chase around several levels, talking to people, fetching things, talking to more people and fetching more things.

Nothing in Flashback is simple, as the people that need to be talked to and items that need to be fetched, are usually (no, actually always) at least 2 train stations apart from each other. Players will probably spend more time travelling between stations than getting into the meat of the game.

In terms of graphics, the title isn’t bad for a downloadable title and it’s of course much better than the original from ’92, and the control scheme is manageable, albeit with a few hiccups here and there. It still manages to retain its look and feel from the early days although it has been updated for a more modern context.


While the title has its moments of fun, most of it feels a bit like a grind. It would have been better if the levels had been better designed, instead of players having to run across cities and various maps only to pick up what seem to be trivial objects.

Controls: The controls are also pretty easy to grasp, but users might struggle a bit in the beginning with aiming correctly. For a downloadable title, the remake of Flashback is actually very entertaining (at times), and if gamers can look past the small niggles and annoyances, they might just have a great time reliving their gaming memories from 20 years ago.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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