Telkom Business SA heeds SME’s coverged call

September 3, 2013 • Mobile and Telecoms, Southern Africa

At SATNAC 2013, Telkom Business announced the launch of Business Circle for the small business sector. (Image source: Chris Tredger)

At SATNAC 2013, Telkom Business announced the launch of Business Circle for the small business sector. (Image source: Chris Tredger)

In South Africa, Telkom Business today announced the launch of Business Circle, a truly converged voice product that is yet another value creation offering formulated specifically for the small business sector.

Business Circle enables customers to create closed user groups comprising both Telkom fixed line and mobile services and allows for unlimited free calling within the group. “It is this kind of innovation that enables communication, a critical component to the success of any small business,” says Jan Pieterse, Executive Product House at Telkom Business.

A widely recognised trend across all emerging markets, including South Africa, is that SMEs play a major role in economic growth and job creation. Best placed as an operator with the entire set of core components required for true convergence, including fixed, data, cloud, IT and mobile capabilities, Telkom Business is on a determined path to innovate to the benefit of the SME market.  In their on-going journey to convergence the team’s offerings are evolving from simple fixed and mobile bundles to more tailor-made solutions.

Pieterse explains: “I believe that as one of the country’s leading ICT provider, Telkom has a vital role to play in aiding the development of the SME sector.  The products we develop will go a long way in enhancing efforts aimed at bringing the second economy into the first.”

“Our aim is to provide valuable product offerings and solutions designed specifically for small business as they seek to be sustainable and competitive,” continued Pieterse, emphasising that high quality and affordable communication is vital to the efficient functioning of all businesses.

Pieterse says, “Businesses looking to tap into innovative solutions that enable productivity while enhancing convenience and cost effectiveness must consider the convergence route,  by using products like Business Circle, for their communication needs.”

According to Pieterse Business Circle brings together the best of fixed and mobile. “Our unique offering is the best voice value available in the market currently. With unlimited free calling between the various employees of a company, it is guaranteed to drastically lower costs and significantly increase efficiency and productivity in any organisation.

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