Samsung launches Galaxy Note 3 in South Africa

September 27, 2013 • Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories

Electronics maker Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear last night at a launch event in Cape Town, South Africa.

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 3 (image: Samsung)

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 3 (image: Samsung)

“We introduced the original GALAXY Note in 2011 and launched a whole new smart device category. The undeniable success of the GALAXY Note strengthened our conviction that consumers want higher quality features for smart devices and they want those new features to make their lives better,” said Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics SA.

The Note 3 comes with a wider 5.7inch full HD Super AMOLED display, is slimmer at 8.3mm and lighter at 168g hardware design, and more powerful and longer lasting (3,200mAh) battery than the Note 2.

Equipped with a 13 megapixel rear camera with Smart Stabilisation and high CRI LED flash, the Note 3 enables users to crisply capture every visual story in their lives, even in low light and active situations.

Incorporating the industry’s largest 3GB RAM, the Note 3 also provides faster and more powerful performance.

“Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a powerful, original approach that enables users to tell the stories of their lives through dynamic and seamless expressions of their passions across work, play and life experiences. With a simple click of the S Pen button, users can unlock opportunities for self-expression, features that transform everyday activities into extraordinary events and access to new experiences delivered to them on Note 3’s larger screen.”

Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Gear, a companion device that integrates with the Note 3.

“We are constantly listening to our customers and what our consumers want is their daily lives to be easier and more enjoyable,” says George Ferreira, VP and COO of Samsung Electronics Africa.

“This commitment to our customers is once again reflected in our ongoing smart device innovation leadership and our new wearable device, the Samsung GALAXY Gear. Samsung’s GALAXY Gear benefits consumers by integrating smart device technology even deeper into their everyday lives, and bridges the gap between the mobile device and fashion worlds to create truly wearable technology. It frees users from the need to constantly check their smart devices while maintaining connections and provides what we call ‘smart freedom,’ by allowing consumers to choose how, why, when and where they are connected.”

The smartwatch notifies users of incoming messages, such as calls, texts, emails and alerts, and delivers a preview of those messages and creates the opportunity for users to accept or discreetly ignore those messages.

When an incoming message requires more than a quick glance, users can simply pick up their Samsung GALAXY device and the Smart Relay feature will instantly reveal the full content on the screen.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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