Orange Botswana launches Visa card

September 25, 2013 • Mobile and Telecoms, Southern Africa

Orange Botswana has launched its Visa Card. (Image source: Google/

Orange Botswana has launched its Visa Card. (Image source: Google/

As part of its effort to encourage users to conduct business across mobile and IT platforms, Orange Botswana has launched its Visa card.  Users will be able to use the Card and their mobile phones to initiate financial services and shop online.

CEO of Orange Botswana Elisabeth Medou-Badang said the Orange Money Visa service “is the latest innovation that will help in financial inclusion.”

Orange Money customers can get a debit card that facilitates ATM withdrawals from the over 300 Visa cash dispensers in Botswana and purchases at over 4,700 Visa point-of-sale machines.

“They can also get a virtual Visa card that enables them to shop online,” said Medou-Badang.

The move is part of Botswana’s overall push toward a more paperless society where citizens and residents are able to make purchases online and pay their bills easier through their mobile platforms. The new Visa card will ensure that users benefit from mobile finance without having to acquire or use multiple devices.

Mohammed Awad

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