Companies flocking to .africa domain

September 25, 2013 • Online & Social

The world’s largest brands have been among the first to acquire domain names ending with the new extension

Ope Odusan, Managing Director, Domains (image: ICANN)

Ope Odusan, Managing Director, Domains (image: ICANN)

“In the first few weeks since we started offering domains, trademark and brand owners have quickly picked up their domains including,,,,,,,,,, and the list goes on and on,” says Ope Odusan, Managing Director, Domains.

In addition to trademark and brand owners securing their names on the domain, a number of savvy investors have also made their claims to buy what is considered the most valuable internet real estate in the world’s second fastest growing economic region – Africa. Investors have already purchased premium names including,,, etc.

Unlike other heavily restricted African domain extensions, domain names ending are available to anyone in the world, and are easily purchased online without the need for offline documentation. This is valuable to small businesses, large businesses, bloggers, and individuals around the world who are doing business in Africa or wish to gain access to the rapidly growing African internet market.

In addition, the pricing of domain names provides excellent value for money. A domain name on is often a fraction of the price of what many African countries charge for their domains, and instead of acquiring the identity of just one African country, owners of domains purchase a domain that associates them with all 54 countries on the African continent.

“Our customers are very excited about the domain, and we expect to be a large seller of these names into the Nigerian and Ghanaian markets,” says Oluniyi Ajao, CEO of Web4Africa, an ICANN Accredited Registrar based in Ghana.

The extension’s combination of africa and .com offers the further benefit of global as well as local presence, meaning that unlike any other African domain extensions, websites published on will be easily located by both local African and global search engines, ensuring unparalleled exposure and traffic potential for both African websites with a global focus and international companies with an interest in the African market.

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