Nairobi to go fully digital on Dec 13

August 7, 2013 • Mobile and Telecoms

Nairobi faces analogue switch-off in December this year. (Image source: TV digital via

Nairobi faces analogue switch-off in December this year. (Image source: TV digital via

Capital FM reports that Francis Wangusi, Director General of the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK), has confirmed Nairobi will move over to a fully digital TV broadcast environment on 13 December this year. The move is said to be in line with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) resolution requiring all member states to migrate by June 2015.

According to the report the analogue switch-off means that users will have to purchase set-top boxes, but decoders compliant with MPEG 4 DVB-T2 Standard will also be used.

Wangusi is said to have urged consumers to use the three-month period to acquire compliant set-top boxes and entrepreneurs to import the gadgets.

“We considered the fact that in the month of December during the festival mood, people will be able to purchase; we considered a grace period of three months for users to prepare themselves,” Wangusi is quoted as saying.

He has also reiterated the advantages of digital migration including spin-off technological developments, a wider choice of programmes for viewers, and diversity and plurality of content, writes Capital FM.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the date for a full change-over was initially confirmed as 17 June 2012, but was pushed out to 17 June 2015, to meet the ITU deadline.

In South Africa the deadline for the analogue switch-off is reported to be late 2013.

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