Tablet market growing at rapid rate in South Africa

July 24, 2013 • Gadgets and Gaming

As demand for communication mobility continues to grow, tablets are stepping up to the plate as one of the devices of choice suggests Samsung Electronics South Africa.

Craig Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung SA (Image source: Charlie Fripp)

In the 12-month period from June 2012 to May 2013, the volume of Tablets entering the SA marketplace more than doubled when compared to the previous year.

Android OS devices represent more than half of the market – a clear indication that this segment is making great strides.

“During the first quarter, Samsung has maintained strong position in the mobile supplier race, with great strides made in capturing market share during this period,” says Craig Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung SA. “This achievement can be attributed to Samsung’s continued innovation and flexible approach to consumer needs. This adaptability is underpinned by the variety of screen sizes, hardware options and value-added service offerings available across the range.”

Adds Fleischer: “Interestingly, while the 10 inch form factor was the preferred choice since its introduction into the SA market, we have witnessed a steady growth in popularity of the 7” and 8” versions in recent months. According to the latest statistics, these smaller form factors now contribute to almost a third of the tablet market share. We have also noticed that new entrants in this space are creating a competitive pricing environment and is changing the market dynamic for leading brands. Since this segment is no longer being occupied by only a handful of manufactures, consumers now have more choice than ever before and differentiation of offerings and value-added services will in now determine which supplier is preferred over another.

Another interesting trend is the increase in demand for devices which offer Wi-Fi functionality. Samsung is well positioned to service this market segment through their partnership with AlwaysOn, which offers customers 1GB of free* Wi-Fi data per month for every supported Samsung device owned.

The educational sector has also been identified as a key vertical that will contribute immensely to the growth and sustainability of the tablet device market. By carefully identifying and nurturing relationships with learning institutions, content providers and operators, Samsung supports a variety of initiatives within the educational sector.

This penetration of the market encompasses primary, secondary and tertiary educational establishments and is supported by dedicated marketing and training resources within Samsung.

“Initiatives such as Samsung’s Smart School and Solar Powered Internet School have been awarded benchmark status by a number of Education Departments and Private School groups. Development of Tablet devices to cater not only for educational needs, but moreover for business and personal use, will continue to define Samsung as a market leader intent on increasing the user experience,” concludes Fleischer.

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