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Review: Canon EOS 6D

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Users looking for a camera that can produce high quality photos without the need to engage complicated settings will not go wrong with Canon’s EOS 6D. The SLR will not make the user feel intimidated by its size, yet is has the heart and soul to make an amateur photographer seem like a professional.

Canon’s EOS 6D (image: Canon)

What we like about it

The most important factor that users consider when purchasing a new camera is that of picture quality. The 6D produces some of the best image quality that we have come across for some time. The 20.2MP full frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ image processor will help users create truly stunning images.

While the camera features an array of setting and shooting modes, the Automatic setting is probably where inexperienced users or amateur photographers will gain the most out of the unit. It is incredibly easy to handle and when the attached lens is also set to Auto Focus, it is simply a case of point and click.

However, there is enough room for professional photographers to also tweak the multitude of settings to their heart’s desire. The unit can also shoot 1080p video recording, with stereo sound via external microphone.

The 11 point Auto Focus system, with a centre point cross-type configuration, will ensure that image are always captured in perfect focus. While shooting, some SLRs can be rather noisy and Canon has a solution for that. The unit features a ‘Silent’ shutter mode, which reduces the noise from the shutter.

And in today’s connected world, the 6D also features built-in Wi-Fi and a GPS. The Wi-Fi functionality also allows users to remotely operate the camera through the use of a tablet or smartphone.

In terms of size, the body is 145 x 111 x 71 mm, which means an ideal fit for handling. It is slightly smaller than a traditional SLR, but at the rate that technology is changing product design, the days of the over-sized SLR could be well and truly over.

What we don’t like about it

There is actually very little that we could fault the 6D on – it works as intended and takes amazing pictures. The only criticism that could be levelled against it, is that the menus can be a bit difficult to navigate for users who are not familiar with Canon products.

It is also a little bit hefty and by no means a quick pop-in-the-bag type shooter. However, with that said, it is definitely small enough to take on a trip. The biggest effort that users will have to go through (and it is really not an issue if you are used to DLR cameras) is the constant swopping of lenses.

Users could theoretically leave the lens on if they have a bag big enough, but it might damage the lens and the camera body over time. It is always best to separate the two when travelling or storing the unit.

The unit does not come with a built-in flash, so users will have to rely on the low-light functionality of the camera. It is not a huge issue, but a separate flash can run into the high figures at retail.


The Canon EOS 6D is a really great camera and it is not too complicated to operate. The size also allows the unit to be stored in a rather small space, with the lens taking up the bulk of it. With all things considered, the image quality is simply superb, and users will be hard-pressed to find a better camera within its class.

With a maximum resolution of 5472 x 3648, users can be sure that the highest levels of detail will be visible on their images. But, the price might put users off the 6D, as the body retails for around $2000, while the unit with the lens included retails for about $2800.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

All images in the following gallery were taken with the Canon EOS 6D, with a 24mm –  72mm lens, by Charlie Fripp.


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