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SAP’s Ariba shifting Africa closer to networked economy

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Being part of the global networked economy means being able to leverage off connectivity with partners and reviewing processes in order to lower costs, secure sales and optimise the cash flow…and fortunately Africa is only too aware of this.

Ariba LIVE 2013 has officially begun in Berlin. (Image source: Chris Tredger)

Ariba, a SAP company, today officially opened this year’s Ariba LIVE 2013 Conference in Berlin, Germany.

Topics such as the Next-Generation Network, Next Generation You and Networked Collaboration have all been identified for discussion at the three-day event.

According to the global supply network company over one million companies transact more than $460 billion in commerce on an annual basis.

Closer to home and the Ariba Network, which also has operations in Johannesburg, is designed to allow trading partners to electronically connect and manage procurement activities more efficiently explains Catherine Hills, Ariba Regional Vice President for Africa.

“By uniting our capabilities and coverage in the region, we are helping both large, multi-nationals and the local suppliers with whom they do business achieve economic empowerment at a scale previously unheard of,” she says.

Owners of businesses in Africa, such as James Seodigeng, owner of Ambatha Clothing, have taken a vested interest in being able to leverage off advanced collaborative network infrastructure to bolster key business processes.

“Through Ariba’s open market, we can see a whole lot of clients,” says Seodigeng. “We’re not going to take them all, but we can see where we have opportunities and prioritise so that we aren’t just running around knocking on doors.”

The value add for Seodigeng lies in being able to connect with existing customers in a different way and then also seek out new potential clients at the same time.

As an introduction to the event, Bob Calderoni, CEO, Ariba, said, “Networks are transforming business as dramatically as assembly lines did 150 years ago. And companies of all sizes, across industries and geographies are plugging into them to drive game-changing improvements in productivity and profits.”

Chris Tredger – Online Editor

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