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June 1, 2013 • Top Stories

This week ITNewsAfrica has taken advantage of the opportunity to publish editorial from its recently hosted Tech Demo Africa 2013, specifically recorded discussions about strategy and market dynamics with several established ICT companies and service providers.

This week's most popular stories published on ITNewsAfrica. (Image source: news tablet via

Additionally, there have been a few changes in the leadership at mobile service provider MTN, particularly with respect to its South African operation – we continue to monitor developments at the company and any impact on its role in Africa.

We have compiled a list of the top stories for the week, which reflect Africa’s ongoing interest in the rollout of LTE, in cloud services and the impact on enterprise, as well as Big Data analytics – and, of course, the latest digital lifestyle devices!

1. Google opens Tabletcafe’ in Senegal

A new concept that seeks to give cybercafés a new look while providing users with a novel experience is being experimented thanks to Google’s support in Senegal. Google has today sponsored a cybercafé to replace desktops with tablets. This experiment, the first of its kind, is with the Equinox cybercafé, a typical cybercafé located in Dakar’s vibrant Medina neighbourhood.

2. MTN appoints Zunaid Bulbulia as CEO for South Africa

MTN Group this week confirmed changes to its Group Executive Committee, with the appointment of Karel Pienaar as Group Chief Strategy Officer and Zunaid Bulbulia as Chief Executive Officer of MTN South Africa.

3. SA’s Neotel on a roll with LTE

Neotel, South Africa’s first converged communications network operator, this week reported revenue growth of 12% while achieving the major milestone of being full-year EBIT positive for the first time since the company launched six years ago. Neotel’s EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation) increased 531%. Neotel has remained consistently EBITDA positive for the past seven quarters

4. Sony launches Xperia Z tablet in South Africa

Sony Mobile launched the Xperia Z tablet to the South African market yesterday, demonstrating a fresh approach to tablets and connection with the Xperia X smartphone, which launched last month.

5. EA announces Need for Speed Rivals for Xbox One

Electronic Arts today announced Need for Speed Rivals, an action/racing game created by an inspired new development team, using a powerful engine and delivering next-generation gameplay.

6. Airtel Nigeria invites consumers to ‘bid and get’

Telecommunications company Airtel Nigeria has launched a bidding service called ‘Bid and Get’ for consumers who, with the lowest and most unique bid, will automatically win an advertised item for the day.

7. Innovation Dinner: Big Data, big ideas straight to the cloud

Africa’s foremost ICT publication announced that Avanade South Africa and SAS Institute South Africa have confirmed their lead sponsorship of the next Innovation Dinner scheduled in June. The theme chosen for this event is “Big Data, Cloud and the African Enterprise.”

8. The Rise of the Phablet

The rise of modern technology arguably began in the 1980s, with such milestones as the first personal computer being sold in 1981, the first CD CD-ROM being released with the ability to store 270,000 pages of text on a single disk in 1985, and the first internet domain name was registered in 1985. The 1990s saw the rise of the mobile phone, and the 2000s the rise of the smartphone – technology that combined your personal computer with your mobile phone.

9. WIOCC to provide connectivity services to Sub-Saharan Africa

DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe) has awarded a 15 year contract to award-winning carrier WIOCC for connectivity services in Southern and Eastern Africa, kicking off a two-year planning and procurement phase for the AfricaConnect project.  In 2015, the contract will novate from DANTE to the UbuntuNet Alliance.

10. In Pictures: Sony’s Xperia Z tablet launch

While Sony launched the Xperia Z tablet in Cape Town on Monday, journalists in Johannesburg had the opportunity to review the latest tablet from Sony on Thursday.

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