Global Windows 8 market share shockingly low among enterprises

June 5, 2013 • Enterprise

SysAid Technologies Ltd. (, a global provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) software solutions, today released surprising IT Performance Benchmark data on the adoption rate of Windows 8.

The data indicates that only 0.53% of enterprise computers were running on Windows 8 (image: Microsoft)

The data indicates that as of April 2013, six months after the official launch of Windows 8, only 0.53% of enterprise computers running Windows OS were running on Windows 8. By comparison, six months after the official launch of Windows 7, IT Benchmark indicated that 11.3% of enterprise computers running Windows OS were running Windows 7, out of the 11.68% total market share (as reported by Net Applications.)

“Statistics from Net Applications also showed in April 2013 that Windows 8 had a usage share of 3.84 percent, however, our IT Benchmark data demonstrates that the majority of Windows 8 implementations are by consumers and not by enterprises,” said Israel Lifshitz, Founder and Chairman of SysAid.

“While it is clear that Windows 7 was a highly anticipated release, businesses are not at all eager to adopt Windows 8. It will be interesting to see if the upcoming Windows 8.1 launch will be attractive enough to increase adoption among enterprises.”

Other IT Benchmark statistics indicate that less than 12 percent of SysAid customers were using the Windows 8 operating system. Moreover, among those 12 percent who adopted Windows 8, nearly 60 percent had deployed it on less than 10 percent of their machines.

SysAid’s IT Performance Benchmark tool collects and analyzes IT data from more than 2,000 customer organizations around the world. The opt-in tool, included in SysAid’s integrated ITIL-certified software, translates the raw data of IT activities into meaningful insight, enabling IT administrators to analyze and evaluate their current IT statistics in the context of previous data, as well as compare individual statistics with other IT departments worldwide. In addition to Windows 8 adoption, other sample IT Benchmark statistics include; Ratio of opened/closed service requests, Average service requests closed per admin, Average resolution time of service requests, End-user to admin ratio, and more.

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