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Seacom suffers another cable disruption

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Undersea internet cable provider Seacom confirmed early this morning that they have completed the repair process to their cable connecting Africa to Europe. “Earlier this morning SEACOM restored all services. We restored capacity on both SMW4 and IMEWE cable systems.”

A map of Seacom's cables around Africa (image: Seacom)

But the completion process was short-lived for users on the SMW4 portion of the cable. “In the last 30 minutes we have seen loss of signal on the SMW4 capacity and customers restored on that route are likely to be experiencing an outage.”

After doing some investigating, Seacom confirmed that there was another technical issue with the SMW4 cable. “Seacom can confirm that at 06:20 GMT 27 March, the SMW4 cable system suffered a cable cut off the coast of Egypt. Earlier this morning, Seacom had restored all services on both SMW4 and IMEWE cable systems,” it said in a post on it’s website.

But the company added that they are in the process of shifting users on that cable to restore internet services.“Seacom is currently in the process of prioritizing and reallocating already available capacity for customers and sourcing further capacity to re-establish full restoration,” it added to their news updates.

Seacom suffered a major outage on 22 March, when a ship’s anchor was dragged over the Egypt-Europe cable in the Mediterranean Sea. “Multiple subsea cable cuts have been confirmed off the northern coast of Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea, which are impacting a number of cable systems in Africa, Middle East and Asia connecting to Europe,” Seacom said at the time.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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