Samsung to host first-ever Smart Government conference

March 13, 2013 • Events

Samsung Electronics South Africa will be sponsoring its first ever business-to-government (B2G) Smart Government conference, which will focus on strengthening relationships with the public sector, creating a platform for debate on key service delivery issues as well as create an opportunity to demonstrate and highlight how innovative technology solutions are designed and optimised to aid government in accelerating service delivery.

Ntutule Tshenye, B2G and Corporate Citizenship lead at Samsung Electronics Africa (image: Samsung)

“Samsung understands that meeting the development needs of the country requires a number of players working together as well as requires tailored solutions to optimise this team work. To this end, we are excited to be able to create this platform for discussion as well as to demonstrate how our comprehensive government based offering incorporates the latest technology innovation that is not only as energy efficiently as possible but also takes cognisance of the unique challenges of the public sector,” says Ntutule Tshenye, B2G and Corporate Citizenship lead at Samsung Electronics Africa.

Covering several areas such as Health, Education, Job Creation, Safety and Security and Communications, Samsung aims to engage with government stakeholders as well as develop a platform for these stakeholders to come together to understand the needs of the country from a broad perspective, what is expected of them and which solutions and partners can help them achieve this. For Samsung, this is a keen opportunity to not only demonstrate their solutions but to partner government in the provision of a complete set of solutions that cover critical touch points to assist it in meeting these objectives.

When it comes to solution provision by Samsung for the government sector – the below describes the refinement of Samsung’s government solutions and the well thought out offering, in aiding enhanced service delivery through technology.

Samsung Smart Government solutions transform internal and external relationships through the use of technology meaning citizens are able to engage with government more easily than before. By facilitating technology-driven government processes, productivity and efficiencies are improved while saving costs and enhancing service delivery.

Under Smart Education, the Samsung Smart School mobile learning solution establishes an interactive multimedia classroom environment by leveraging Samsung smart devices and e-board solution. Additional features let teachers monitor learner’s devices and provide for resource sharing and management of assignments.

Smart Comms harnesses the various Samsung unified communication and collaboration solutions to bring elements such as Web conferencing and instant messaging to a mobile workforce. Desktop and file sharing across multiple operating systems provide for an integrated user experience further improving the internal efficiencies of government.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that will be presented at the conference and are looking forward to working closer with the public sector to help with transformation in the country,” says Tshenye.

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