Morocco: mobile voice service on the up and up

January 25, 2013 • Mobile and Telecoms

Morocco is making positive infrastructure inroads in the country to better connect users on mobile phone networks. According to a recent study published by the country’s telecom regulator ANRT, mobile voice services have seen massive boosts in the country.

A study by Morocco's telecommunications regulator shows an improvement in connectivity and usage amongst the country's mobile voice users. (Image: Google/

The survey found that the average successful voice calls between users was 95.5 percent in cities, 93.73 percent on highways and 93.41 percent on national roads. Only railways saw a slight dip at 84.86 percent connectivity.

It comes on the heels of the government efforts to boost telecom infrastructure in the country to better allow mobile users to have access to their phones.

“The report is based on sample of 20 cities of various sizes, every motorway, railway and 14 national road segments,” the regulator said in announcing their results of a study from September and October last year.

“Calls are deemed successful if they do not cut off within two minutes of connecting,” it continued.

The study did not, however, report the individual ratings for the country’s three mobile operators, Maroc Telecom, Meditel and Inwi, other than to indicate if they are above or below the average for each location.

Joseph Mayton

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