Review: Turtle Beach PX3 headphones

December 13, 2012 • Gadgets and Gaming

When it comes to having the perfect gaming rig, sound quality is most often overlooked. It is as important to have a good sound system as it is to have the right hardware.

Turtle Beach's PX3 headphones (image: Turtle Beach)

Turtle Beach has been in the headphone manufacturing space for some time now and gamers have come to know their products for their quality and sound reproduction – and the PX3 is no different. While it has been engineered for use with Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, the headphone set can just as easily be used with a PC and Xbox360.

Being wireless, users won’t have to worry about tripping over wires or cables causing a mess wherever the unit or PC is located. Setting up is just as easy, as all users will have to do is plug in the wireless receiver and switch on the set. There are special ways of connecting the unit to the different consoles, (and all the cables are included) so it shouldn’t take very long before user get to enjoy the crisp sound.

In terms of design, Turtle Beach is known for sturdy designs, and this unit continues the tradition. The broad headband fits snug over the wearers head, and the cups gently cover the ears. It’s a problem with most headphones, as they tend to squash the user’s ears, but the cups on this one seem to be designed perfectly. Another problem with gaming headphones are that they tend to make the user sweat and the breathable mesh fabric covering the cups help to reduce that.

Another great thing about the inner workings of the earpieces is that it comes with Ear Guard, which aims to reduce the instances of extremely loud sounds in games such as explosions, reducing the volume and protecting the user’s ears.

Since it’s essentially a gaming headset, it also features a microphone that swivels up and down from the left cup, making it easy to store out of the way when not used. It’s also bendable to conform to whatever shape and position the user wants it in.

On the right-hand cup sits all the controls – the on-off switch, the mic mute button, the chat and game volume buttons and USB port for charging (it runs on a rechargeable battery). The volume button is laid out at a somewhat awkward position, so it’s not quickly accessible to the wearer, but once they remember where it is, it should be easier to control the volume.

And down to business: the sound quality is exactly what one would expect from a Turtle Beach headset. The 50mm diameter speakers feature neodymium magnets, which provide an all-round sound experience for gamer who don’t want to miss the faintest of sounds. The cups can also twist inward to rest on the wearer’s upper-chest, and automatically switch off after 5 minutes of no sound activity.

The PX3 can also be programmed with up to 18 different sound configurations, so users will be able to select their chosen setting for each activity – should it be listening to music or playing games.

Gamers can never go wrong with picking up a pair of Turtle Beach headsets, and while the PX3 isn’t the top if the range, it performs just as good. With its comfortable design, superb sound quality and comfortable fit, it’s a great choice for any user.

Our score: 8.5/10

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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