Equatorial Guinea looks to ACE for broadband connectivity

December 7, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

Equatorial Guinea is looking to boost its overall broadband capacity through the implementation of the international Africa Coast to Europe Project (ACE).

Equatorial Guinea is to implement the fibre-connectivity ACE project in an effort to boost broadband connectivity. (Image: Google/

The fiber optic cable will eventually connect at least 21 countries and extend from South Africa to France.

Equatorial Guinea’s economic capital, Bata, is expected to serve as one of the cable’s key connection points.

The Ministry of Transportation, Technology, Postal Services and Telecommunications said in a statement that it “will officially oversee the implementation of the control centre for the cable, which will be effective by December 6, 2013.”

The control center in Equatorial Guinea will be located at the site of the public Telecommunication Infrastructures Manager of Equatorial Guinea (GITGE), it added.

The country has been pushing hard to improve Internet services as more and more users get onto networks.

With the cable, the ministry and government believe that it will extend overall bandwidth across the country, including rural areas that have largely been left outside the Internet push to date in the country.

David Eto

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