What to expect from Alienware at rAge this year

October 3, 2012 • Gadgets and Gaming

Alienware kicked off in South Africa at rAge 2010, amidst a frenzy of excitement and anticipation. The launch was the result of persistent demand from local gamers for the brand to be made locally available in order to avoid having to import the product.  The arrival of this brand has changed the face of the gaming industry in South Africa, with the availability of both gaming laptops and desktops.

This is the third year that Alienware will be present at rAge (image: Alienware)

This is the third year that Alienware will be present at rAge and, once again, it promises not to disappoint.  Dell will be launching an Alienware online store specifically for the South African community.

Products available include The Alienware M14x, M17x and M18x, X51 desktops and peripherals. The different specifications and options will be available on The website will be live on 5th October just in time for rAge.

Be sure to see Alienware at the Telkom and Electronic Arts (EA) stands at rAge this year. Alienware has partnered with both Telkom and EA by sponsoring the PC’s. Telkom Do Gaming’s LAN Championships – the DGL 2012 Championships – will be taking place in the VIP section.

The event is expected to be the largest competitive LAN ever in South Africa with the largest prize pool in local gaming to date with around 560 gamers from Telkom’s online Do Gaming League (DGL) battling it out for a share of over half a million Rand in cash and prizes. The prizes include Alienware X51 rigs, cash and a year’s supply of Monster Energy Drinks.

In addition, Alienware will be sponsoring Alienware X51 gaming rigs to the winners of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, StarCraft 2 and Call of Duty 4 Championships as well as three X51 Rigs for gamers who report on the DGL at the Do Gaming Community Blog (  Winners of the Alienware x51 will be announced by Gavin Slevin of Dell on Sunday at 14:00.

The breakdown of teams for the DGL 2012 Championships is as follows:

Battlefield 3 sponsored by EA, Gaming Inc and Alienware: 16 teams

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sponsored by Monster Energy, Megarom and Alienware: 32 teams

Call of Duty 4 sponsored by Telkom and Alienware: 24 teams

StarCraft 2 sponsored by Alienware and Logitech: 32 players

FIFA 12 Xbox 360 sponsored by Telkom: 32 players

FIFA 12 PS3 Sponsored by Telkom: 32 Players

Gran Turismo 5 sponsored by Telkom: 10 Players

Telkom will lay down a dedicated Fibre Optic line for the Do Gaming Championships to ensure that Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Starcraft 2 and Gran Turismo 5 events are played with the lowest pings possible.

Alienware will also be sponsoring the Alienware Aurora desktops featured at the EA stand. The best part about Alienware at rAge this year is that Alienware will be putting the desktops used at these stands on sale at drastically reduced prices. Visit the stand to get the reference number and sale price, thereafter, simply go online to  for details on the machines available and follow the simple steps to purchase these phenomenal gaming desktops online.

That’s not all, courtesy of EA, the machines will include a copy of Battlefield 3 PC and Battlefield 3 Premium PC. The machines are demo units and will still carry Dell’s full one year, next business day warrantee so purchasers are assured that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Visit Alienware at rAge and be sure to collect your brochure which can be converted into a poster. You will find your Alienware bumper sticker attached to this.  Place this bumper sticker creatively and stand in line to win awesome Alienware accessories.

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