Tunisie Telecom offers half-price roaming for Hajj

October 11, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

Tunisia’s leading telecom operator Tunisie Telecom announced that it would offer 50 percent discount on all voice calls from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia as part of its Hajj pilgrimage offering.

Tunisie Telecom will give 50 percent off all voice calls from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia (image: file)

The company said that the rates will apply for all calls to the Gulf Kingdom from October 6 through November 11 as thousands of Tunisians head to Saudi to perform the annual Islamic pilgrimage.

“The promotion is applied automatically to postpaid customers but prepaid, Formi and Elissa customers must call short code to activate it,” the company said in announcing the new deal.

The operator is also offering a dual-Sim Huawei G3620 phone with a Bineta line and a TND 10 top-up for TND 59 until October 20 as part of its Hajj promotional packages.

The pack is on sale at Actel stores, TTshops and airports.

The move follows Ghana telecom operators offering 70 percent discounts on roaming fees for users in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj and wanting to maintain contact with their friends and families.

Across the Islamic world, telecom operators see the promotional packages as enticing customers to switch to their brands for the holiday season, or maintain their existing packages by taking advantage of the new deals.

Joseph Mayton

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