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Nigeria – govt’s pledge to push broadband

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Continuing with the country’s efforts to push rural telecommunications, Nigeria’s Vice-President Namadi Sambo announced that the government is looking to continue its pledge to the people that it will create mobility and increased penetration is the broadband Internet sector.

Nigeria's government is pushing its pledge to bolster broadband. (Image: Google/

Sambo was speaking at the ITU Telecom World Forum 2012 in the United Arab Emirates on the Nigerian ICT national policy and the goal of increasing broadband as a way of pushing the sector forward.

He said the government “is convinced by the evidence that shows that access to broadband extends into many areas like health, education, finance, trade, governance and security.”

He continued that there were “only about 867,000 GSM subscribers in 2001 but this has risen to more than 105 million active mobile GSM subscribers, with more than 45 percent of Nigerians connected to the Internet.”

According to the Nigeria News Agency (NNA), Sambo said that the “government was keen on capitalizing on the achievement to build a robust, secure, high-speed, nationwide communications network that allows accessing the internet to become a way of life for most Nigerians.”

It comes as the Nigerian government looks to increase its efforts to boost the telecom sector and is viewing the broadband sector as a potential way of boosting the telecommunications industry’s overall performance.

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